Dean's first lecture: "yesterday, today and tomorrow of the ocean"

On September 25, the first lecture for class 2019 freshmen at SOO/SJTU was held in the hall C220 of the main library on Minhang campus, delivered by Dean Meng Zhou of SOO. Vice Dean Bingxue Tian, student affairs manager Yan Xu and freshmen of class 2019 participated. The activity was presided over by Xu Yan.

According to Dean Meng Zhou, the class of 2019 is of great significance to SOO as its first group of undergrad students since establishment. He hoped that students can have an overall understanding of oceanography through the first lecture. The topic "yesterday, today and tomorrow of the ocean" was illustrated from three aspects: the history of the maritime Silk Road, modern Marine scientific exploration, and the significance and future of ecological research in the southern ocean.

Later, Zhou Meng shared his own experience of scientific investigation in the Southern Ocean and told students that being a Marine scientist was hard but lucky. He hopes that the students can be clear about their life goals, be determined to solve the world's problems and make contributions to the cause of humankind's ocean. The lecture ended by Dean Zhou’s Q&A time with class 2019 students.

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