Shanghai Education TV station Reported SOO Online Teaching

During the epidemic period, the Ministry of Education launched an initiative entitled "ensuring learning undisrupted when classes are disrupted." In order to ensure the smooth implementation of online teaching, School of Oceanography (SOO) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University has carefully implemented the teaching arrangement of each online course, striving to ensure that online teaching has the same quality and effect as offline teaching. With the students returning to school one after another, how to combine online teaching with offline teaching has become the new focus.

Recently, Shanghai education TV station came to interview faculty Zhaoru Zhang and Yisen Zhong of SOO to talk about their innovative way of combining online and offline teaching and their thoughts. Zheng Wei, a graduate student of class 2019, who is taking part in a Shared voyage to the Yangtze river estuary in the east China sea, also appeared on video to introduce his learning methods and achievements during his maritime practice.

Video Link: (11:38 - 14:20)








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