Graduation Ceremony of SOO's First Graduate Student was Successfully Held

The School of Oceanography (SOO) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University was officially founded in October 2018. In June 2020, SOO had its first graduate student in Marine science -- Huang Jia, a 2017 master student majoring in physical oceanography. She will then go on to pursue a doctoral degree at SOO.

At noon on June 22nd, SOO held a graduation ceremony for its first graduate student Huang Jia in the hall of Xuhui Campus. Academician Su Jilan, Dean Zhou Meng, Party Secretary Li Wei, Associate Dean Tian Bingxue, Dean Assistant Zhu Benhua, as well as other teachers and students participated in the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Xu Yan, manager of student affairs.

The first part of the graduation ceremony was to watch a video of Huang Jia’s growth history. The video started in 2017 when Huang Jia first entered SOO, and ended with classmates and parents sending their best wishes to Huang Jia.

Party Secretary Li Wei delivered speech and wished Huang Jia a bright future.

Huang Jia expressed her sincere thanks to all the teachers and students of SOO. "I feel Like I've grown up a lot since I was a scientific graduate. Thanks to the teachers of physical oceanography, the study of many specialized courses has laid a solid foundation for my scientific research. I am especially grateful to my supervisor, Dr. Zhang Zhaoru, who can tolerate and encourage me when I make mistakes. I hope I can make further progress during my doctoral study in the future!"

Huang Jia is the first master student led by Dr. Zhang Zhaoru. Associate Dean Tian Bingxue sent a bouquet of flowers to Dr. Zhang Zhaoru to thank her for her hard work in the process of student cultivation.

Dean Zhou Meng turned the tassel for Huang Jia, Academician Su Jilan awarded the master's degree certificate and graduation certificate to Huang Jia.

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