Physical Oceanography

Team Member:

Meng Zhou, Lei Zhou, Hailong Liu, Jian Ma, Zhaoru Zhang, Yisen Zhong, Yiwu Zhu;

Dake Chen, Fei Chai, Daji Huang, Feng Zhou, Xiaohua Zhu, In-Sik Kang, Qiaoyan Wu.


Research Area:

1. Fundamental physical processes in the ocean: observation and theoretical studies of circulations and eddies at ocean submeso-, meso-, and large-scales and the interaction between mixing and circulation
air-sea interaction: Integrating observational, theoretical and numerical model analysis to investigate the mechanism of the reponse/modulation of upper ocean to/on typhoons. Thus to provide scientific and technologic support for our country to advance the capability of forecasting typhoon intensity and marine environment.
2. Impacts of physical processes on marine ecological processes, biomass transports and biomass distributions: focusing on multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary problems; understanding the forcing mechanisms of marine ecosystem dynamics; ensuring sustainable development of marine ecological environment and resources; improving the ability of climate change prediction and governance; supporting the national policy making on administration of marine ecological environment and sustainable development of marine economy.

3. Development of marine ecosystem models: building up and developing marine ecosystem models; using these models to study the transports of nutrients and natural iron and their influence on primary production and carbon cycling, as well as the impacts of climate change and anthropogenic activities on marine environments in the Pacific Ocean and the China marginal seas.



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