Biological Oceanography

Tean Member:

Xiang Xiao, Fengping Wang, Jun Xu, Yu Zhang, Ji Li, Zhu Zhu; 

Chunsheng Wang, Yuehong Wu, Xuewei Xu. 


Research Directions

1. The physiology, ecology and community dynamics of marine organisms: the interaction of growth and physiological activities of marine organisms to the ambient environment and ecosystems; the interaction of migration and accumulation activates, human activities, and climate change on the marine organisms and ecosystem productivities.

2. Life processes in extreme environments: extreme life processes and life boundaries, deep sea biological genetic resources research, deep sea ecological structure and energy conversion processes, biodiversity;

3. Polar biological oceanography and ecological processes: the polar ocean circulation, continental slope flow and small- and medium-scale eddies, environmental ecology and biological resources, and global climate change research.



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